Ta Lù - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ta Lú - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Blend Oil - Medium Fruity

Cultivar: Leccino Frantoio


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from organic farming.

Wide, enveloping and complex, with hints of vegetables and fresh herbs, notes of artichoke, almond and elegant touches of thyme and mint. On the tongue, it opens with decidedly balsamic notes and a bit of almond and artichoke. A balance of slightly bitter and spicy.


Leccino, Frantoio / Blend, fruity medium-light.

Leccino is a prevalent variety in Italy, and it is known abroad as well. The oil has a golden yellow colour with green reflections and is recognised for its excellent quality and fresh taste that is very balanced. Some perceive notes of almond, artichoke and aromatic herbs such as basil and mint. The Leccino plant creates an oil that has a very delicate taste, thanks to its medium-low polyphenol content (which is why the perception of bitter and spicy notes is quite subtle).


Farro (spelt) salads, tomato, au gratin vegetables, pasta dishes with shellfish, ricotta ravioli, barbecued rockfish, grilled cuttlefish, rabbit and baked chicken, soft cheeses.